I caught the train home and went to woolies with my sweater on backwards

Ahhhh I hate that awkwardness when you meet someone at a party or something and keep talking to them but then you getting the vibes they’re flirting with ya and you don’t know if you need to make it clear that you have a boyfriend cos you don’t want to lead them on but you also could be imagining it and look really stupid when they’re like ‘what part of the PowerPoint slide should I do’ i just hate the thought of coming across as presumptuous so much!!!

Man the people in Lush have cranked up the peppy happy service levels past overbearing levels to the point they literally come across as a bit crazy


"tribulator stalking some idiot pilgrims, 1621"

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View from our hotel, Nagasaki

hommus probs brings more joy to my life than anything else

this snapchat i sent this morning turned out to be strangely prescient of my day


Shiina RingoXAraki Nobuyoshi. (UTAIME 1998)

still my favourite forever and ever


Laura Dern by Karen Hardy, 1990

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Jennifer Crouch

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Nice, quartier des Moulins.

i can’t even have chocolate as comfort food because my shitty job took that away from me… 

… psych i got coconut yoghurt and pineapple and strawberries fuck chocolate

For real though I almost started crying and I’m a 24 year old adult and there were 20 people in the room who I don’t know or care about so WHY

I bombed on a presentation tonight even more than I was expecting to. I couldn’t speak at all and I felt like I was going to have a stroke and my face was bright red and if only an anvil could have crashed down from the heavens on top of me



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